Vinyl Tile

As the distributor of Armstrong Vinyl tile, Chip Soon Building Products is proud to present you with a flooring which combines both design and durability. Over the years, Armstrong Vinyl tiles is widely used in commercial and education buildings . With an extensive profile, we aim to help you achieve your ideal flooring.

  1. Colour and Design are "through-pattern" to last the life-time of the floor
  2. Easy installation and low installed price with excellent durability
  3. Avaliable in three gauges to meet a range of performance and budget needs
  4. 26 colours to give versatility for color coordination
  5. A value-priced tile flooring catering to all commercial use
  6. Applications: all commercial spaces and education
  7. Size: 305mm x 305mm
Colours Chart
Please note: Colours illustrated are matched as closely as possible. Variation from sample may appear.
Colour Code: Aqua Frost (51919)