Chicago Metallic

For more than a century, the Chicago Metallic metal ceilings has led the way in research, innovative, technology and in the understanding of architectural needs. Chicago Metallic metal ceilings now offers a comprehensive range of ceiling solutions- from the most complete program of metal ceiling suspension to a full range of decorative metal ceiling panel systems- to cater to contemporary interior decoration needs. Innovation in technology, quality and design is what defines Chicago Metallic metal ceilings.

Ceiling Type
Clip in Aluminium Panel
Hook On Ceiling
Planostile lay in Ceiling
Dampa 10/100/200/300
Dampa 31/32/33
Dampa Wing
Raindrop Ceiling
Rectangular Tube Ceiling
Round Tube Ceiling
Windguard Ceiling
BeamGrid Metal Ceiling
T-Cell Metal Ceiling
Spanair Clip-in Panel
SpanAir Torsion Spring Panel
Spanair Hook in Plank
Curvilinear Ceiling
Swing Panel