Vitreous Enamel Panel

In our continuous aim to provide excellent building products, Chip Soon is proud to be in partnership with KAIER.

KAIER Vitreous Enamel Panels (VE Panel) a.k.a ceramic steel finish, provides a new vision with long lasting high resolution finish with many colours /graphic options, which can fulfil and provide a new selection for architectural design and promotion media.

KAIER Vitreous Enamel is manufactured using international standards by our experienced technicians. We, along with KAIER, aim to supply the best vitreous enamel panels (VE Panel) to the Singapore market.

Key Benefits:

  • Non-combustible and Non-toxic
  • Supreme hardness against damage, virtually maintenance free
  • Weather proof against extremes in temperature, salt and acid resistant
  • Inorganic smooth surface prevents fungus on surface
  • Non-electro static which does not attract dust
  • Calcium Silicate / Honeycomb Core