NAKA Wall Guards

Safety Line NS

Slim Shape with 8mm of Thickness
- NS-150V、NS-200V
Plane Color
- NS-150M、NS-200M
Wooden Color

Safety Line NW

Thicker than NS Series and Having Impact Absorption
- NW-150V、NW-200V
Plane Color
- NW-150M、NW-200M
Wooden Color

Safety Line Soft FW

Cover Is Made from Soft Resin and Has Softness
Curve Processing Available (Minimum : 300R)

- FW-150V、FW-200V
Plane Color
- FW-150M、FW-200M
Wooden Color



Safety Line NS, Safety Line NW

Cover/ Shock resistant hard resin (with anti-bacterial agent・anti-static processing) (wooden color mixed wood powder)
Retainer/ Shock resistant hard resin

Safety Line Soft FW

Cover/ Soft resin (with anti-bacterial agent・photocatalyst) (wooden color mixed wood powder)
Retainer/ Extruded Aluminum

Model No.・Size

Series Model No. Diameter of Handrail Standard Length
Width Thickness
Safety Line NS NS-150V・NS-150M W=200mm D=8mm 3,000mm
NS-200V・NS-200M W=200mm
Safety Line NW NW-150V・NW-150M W=150mm D=30.5mm 3,000mm
NW-200V・NW-200M W=200mm
Safety Line Soft FW FW-150V・FW-150M W=150mm D=10mm Cover/ 15m
Retainer/ 3,000mm
FW-200V・FW-200M W=200mm